Ear Candling

A soothing non-invasive treatment which involves a tapered candle being placed in the ear in the belief that when the other end of the candle is lit, the vacuum created may help to clear the ear canal.

What to expect during your session 

After an initial chat, your therapist will guide you to the massage bed and instruct you on how to best position your body for the treatment. This treatment is conducted with the client fully clothed. A hollow tube of wax (the "candle") will be gently placed in your ear and you will be instructed to relax while the therapist manually supports the candle. Halfway through the treatment, the therapist will instruct you to turn over to treat the opposite ear. 

Overall, your treatment should be a calming experience, and promote feelings of relaxation and help to relieve pressure within the eustachian tubes and sinuses. It’s not uncommon to feel sleepy after a treatment and your therapist will leave enough time for you to bring yourself back into the moment without losing the feeling of relaxation.