Massage - Deep Tissue

Similar to a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage uses a slower stroke, with firmer pressure and is particularly good as a therapeutic treatment for those with muscle tension or pain. Using their hands, your therapist will use a variety of massage techniques including applying deep finger pressure to specific areas to release tension.

What to expect during your session

Your therapist will discuss with you what you hope to achieve, what to expect, and if there are any specific areas of concern for you. Using a bespoke blend of oils, your therapist will massage these into your body to gently warm your muscles before using their thumbs, knuckles, forearms or elbows to apply pressure along the fibres of your muscles. Pressure is applied across the grain of your muscles with the aim to release tension and realign tissue fibres. It’s important to know that it’s common to feel a degree of discomfort during your treatment but it should not cause you pain. 

Your therapist will give advice and recommendations on what to expect following your treatment or if further treatment is required.