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Boost skin’s natural beauty: Introducing our NEW Skincare Boosters
Meet our new collection of certified-organic, vegan-approved boosters expertly formulated to meet your ever-evolving skincare needs and deliver proven, naturally beautiful results with just a few drops. Explore the skin-boosting powers of ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid, brightening vitamin C and restorative rosehip.
Getting to know Jessica Hanley, founder of sustainable homeware brand Piglet in Bed
Having recently teamed up with Piglet in Bed for our World Sleep Day giveaway, we wanted to find out more about their founder, Jessica Handley, and how she likes to wind down and prepare for bed. And yes, of course it involves our naturally aromatherapeutic products!
Using herbs: Teas versus tinctures
Herbs can be used in many ways, often as a cup of herbal tea, however tinctures are a lesser-known way to use herbs that may be a better choice for you. Let’s explore the differences so you can decide which is right for you.
A guide to our supplements and how to use them
True to our logo, we believe that outer beauty reflects inner health. The health of skin is intrinsically linked to the health of our gut, and as the largest organ of the body, it’s often the first place to show that things are out of balance and in need of some TLC.
Mother’s Day Gift Guide - Our Top Picks
On the hunt for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Whether you’re looking for your mum, grandma or another mother figure in your life, we’ve got you covered with thoughtful natural and organic gifts that show you care. Take a peek at our curated selection of pampering gifts for every need.
Components of a healthy diet | Interview with a Nutritional Therapist
Last week, we sat down with Nutritional Therapist Magdalena Marvell to discuss all things natural health remedies and how to incorporate supplements into your lifestyle to support a healthy, balanced diet, from the inside out.
Herbs we love: Rosemary
In this month’s herb blog, our Brand Ambassador, Tipper Lewis, shares her knowledge of the rosemary herb and the ways it can support wellbeing all year round.
Spotlight on Mahonia
Our ethos at Neal’s Yard Remedies has always been grounded in the belief that beautiful, healthy skin comes from the inside out. Our experts work very hard behind the scenes to formulate herbal remedies that help to support skin naturally, and one of the active ingredients our customers love the most is mahonia.
Kitchen recipes to brighten up your winter
Feel inspired – and revitalised – in the kitchen with our edit of simple recipes to help put a spring in your step this winter