Massage - Women's Balance Harmonising Massage

A gorgeous, new massage featuring our Women's Balance range.

Inspired by the best-selling Women’s Balance collection, the Women's Balance Harmonising massage draws on nature’s cycles and rhythms. The treatment uses flowing, rhythmical patterns of movement to nurture the body and mind.This full-body treatment focuses on a fusion of Lomi Lomi technique and double-handed effleurage strokes to relax and rebalance the nervous and endocrine systems, providing a truly unforgettable experience.

What to expect during your session

After an initial consultation, your therapist will perform the massage with a holistic approach, but also paying special attention to any areas you have highlighted.

Overall, your massage should be a calming experience, and promote feelings of contentment and relaxation. Your therapist will use a variety of techniques with the aim to relax the entire body by relieving tension held within the muscles. It’s not uncommon to feel sleepy after a treatment and your therapist will leave enough time for you to bring yourself back into the moment without losing the feeling of relaxation.