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Celebrating World Ocean Day
We all need to do our bit to look after our oceans, and today we’re reflecting on our own sustainability initiatives and goals, as well as taking a closer look at one of our favourite aquatic ingredients.
International Women’s Day: Power To Change
This March, we’ve partnered with Women for Women International, a charity dedicated to supporting women worldwide where inequality is at its greatest and whose livelihoods have been affected by war and conflict.
Spotlight on sustainability: Tips for a more sustainable life
ince Neal’s Yard Remedies was founded in 1981, we’ve been championing sustainability. During every step of our journey, we’ve made conscious efforts to do things ethically and naturally, creating sustainable beauty products in an attempt to protect the environment.
Why we treat every day like Earth Day
Since we opened our doors in 1981, we’ve been dedicated to helping you live happier, healthier lives while safeguarding the environment. It’s (literally) rooted in everything we do, from how we source our ingredients to how we operate as a business. So, this Earth Day, we’re shining the spotlight on some of the ways we work to protect, preserve and invest in caring for our precious planet every day.
Our #StandByBees campaign to cut harmful pesticides and support nature-friendly farming
As part of our long-standing commitment to supporting pollinators in decline, our #StandByBees campaign, spearheaded by our co-owner Anabel Kindersley, aims to cut the use of hazardous pesticides and promote nature-friendly farming in the UK to protect bees and the British countryside.
Save the Bees is evolving – and we need your help!
Over the past two years, the government has issued temporary reauthorisations of the toxic pesticide thiamethoxam as an emergency measure for the sugar beet crop. In response, Our co-owner Anabel Kindersley rallied the support of over 55 British businesses and organisations to co-sign her open letter delivered to 10 Downing Street, calling for a total ban on bee-killing neonicotinoid.
Simple Steps to Sustainability
Since Neal’s Yard Remedies was founded in 1981, we’ve been passionate about sustainability. We were seen as alternative and niche in the early days because we wanted to do things more ethically and naturally. But we were one of a small group of companies and individuals that wanted to change the world.
Restore Our Earth
There are many ways we can all make a difference, it might be starting off in smaller ways that work for you and your family, but everything counts and sometimes we just need an impetus to get started. So, April 22nd is Earth Day – it’s been happening since 1970 and this year the theme is ‘Restore our Earth’.