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Our therapies: your summer survival guide
The summer months herald warmer, brighter days, and many of us will look forward to trips away, spending quality time with friends and loved ones. But all the excitement of the season can take a physical toll on us, making it crucial to have healing remedies on hand. Why not consider taking a moment for yourself and booking a treatment at one of our Therapy Rooms located throughout the UK?
Proof organic works: our organic beauty award-winners
We’ve been championing organic beauty since we first opened our doors in 1981, and the concept has seen a significant rise in popularity across the beauty market in recent years. However, there are still no legal guidelines for organic products in the beauty industry, which makes it all the more important to know what to look out for when considering an organic beauty product. So what does ‘organic’ mean to us?
Wild swimming: The Neal’s Yard Remedies team’s favourite spots
To mark Plastic Free July, which aims to raise awareness of the devastating impact of plastic pollution on our planet, we asked the Neal’s Yard Remedies team to share their favourite open-water swimming spots in the UK – time to dive right in…
Give yourself a boost, from the inside out
To mark the launch of our Skincare Boosters collection, discover three complementary pairings to support your inner health and outer beauty
Spring Clean Beauty Routine
Now that we’ve banished the winter blues, why not give your beauty routine a spring refresh. Here are some ideas for nurturing your natural beauty as the weather changes, and keeping yourself boosted from the inside out.
Getting to know Jessica Hanley, founder of sustainable homeware brand Piglet in Bed
Having recently teamed up with Piglet in Bed for our World Sleep Day giveaway, we wanted to find out more about their founder, Jessica Handley, and how she likes to wind down and prepare for bed. And yes, of course it involves our naturally aromatherapeutic products!
Using herbs: Teas versus tinctures
Herbs can be used in many ways, often as a cup of herbal tea, however tinctures are a lesser-known way to use herbs that may be a better choice for you. Let’s explore the differences so you can decide which is right for you.