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With the dawn of a new year comes the inevitable wave of chatter about resolutions. While it’s a positive thing to see each new year as a fresh start, it can be easy to fall into the trap of self-criticism, instead of resolving to celebrate and build on what we already have.

For many of us, a sense of wellbeing in our body and mind is a top priority, but knowing where to begin can be daunting. One way of sidestepping the pressure to radically overhaul your life with goals that are hard to maintain is to focus on smaller, more sustainable changes. Making little tweaks to what you’re already doing to boost and protect your health and wellbeing can go a long way. Whether it’s extending your evening wind-down with a bath, introducing aromatherapy to your skincare routine or learning about the traditional uses of different herbal remedies, we’ve got some tips and products to help you start the year afresh, in your own way.

A more balanced diet

The question of whether we’re eating the ‘right’ things comes under extra scrutiny at this time of year. At Neal’s Yard Remedies, we believe in finding the right balance for you and your lifestyle. Our wellbeing-focused selection of food supplements and herbal supplements is perfect for gently enhancing your diet in a way that is easily adapted to support your evolving needs.

If you’re keen to learn more about the power of herbs and how to introduce them into your diet, our Healing Herbs book is the perfect introduction. You’ll find a comprehensive directory of 100 key herbs and their properties, as well as 70 nourishing recipes.

Explore versatile new flavours at breakfast-time and harness the traditional benefits of natural remedies such as Elderberry Syrup, packed with health-supporting vitamin C and antioxidants. Our Organic Beauty Oil helps to keep hair, skin and nails beautiful-looking with an omega-3-enriched blend of organic flax seed, hemp, avocado, evening primrose, and pumpkin seed oils. Our range of capsule supplements is ideal for on-the-go self-care, if time is a little tight in the mornings.

Less stress, more balance

While we can’t eradicate stressors from modern life altogether, we can look at how we adapt and cope with whatever comes our way. There are many options for managing stress in small, attainable steps, and finding your way to a more balanced state of being.

The beginning of the year can be an especially challenging time, with the festive break behind us and the lack of vitamin D. Aromatherapy is proven to boost mood and soothe the senses, so to counteract the winter blues and infuse some calm into our daily routine, why not add a candlor reed diffuser to your home or work space, each one a specially formulated blend of essential oils.

It can be grounding to treat your skincare routine as an opportunity to take some time out for yourself. Even just a few minutes’ quiet, mindful downtime can work wonders for our stress levels. The Age Well, Stress Less Collection features the Cleansing Melt, Hydrating Essence and Age-Defying Cream from our Frankincense Intense™ range, which is scientifically formulated to target deep lines, plump skin and restore complexion, and is powered by frankincense, an essential oil treasured for centuries for its relaxing, mood-uplifting aroma.

Therapies at Neal’s Yard Remedies

For the ultimate new-year recharge, explore the extensive offering of treatments available at our Therapy Rooms located all over the UK. Our therapy practitioners are trained in a diverse range of disciplines and are at hand to tailor your desired treatment to your needs and budget, so you don’t have to feel alone when trying out something new.   

A massage is often the first port of call when we are looking to relieve stress build-up, and is the perfect all-rounder for helping us go into the new year feeling lighter and lifted. Discover our full list of massage treatments, from Swedish and Deep Tissue to Hands-Free.

Perhaps less commonly known, but proving increasingly popular, acupuncture is based on the ancient concept of the body’s energy flow, which it aims to help rebalance with the use of small, sterilised needles on specific points on the body. Craniosacral therapy is another treatment thought to relieve tension and stress with a gentle, hands-on focus on the head area.

Night time nourishment

The benefits of a quality night’s sleep for our mental and physical wellbeing can’t be overstated – yet many of us aren’t getting quite enough of that precious rest and reset time.

A calm wind-down routine is often the key to deeper, more restorative sleep. Set the scene with a Calming Candle and enjoy a serenely aromatherapeutic bath with our Lavender Bath Salts. Follow with skin-nourishing Beauty Sleep Body Lotion, packed with a restful blend of essential oils, and finish with a spritz of our Goodnight Pillow Mist, clinically proven to improve sleep from the very first night.*

Movement and exercise

While the positive impact of exercise on mental and physical health is undisputed, it can be a good idea to reflect on our motivations and set realistic goals. Rather than focus on dramatic physical transformation, it’s worth taking the time to find a form of exercise that simply makes you feel good while doing it.

Whether it’s a full workout or a short but effective stretch on a break from work, soothe those aching post-exercise muscles with natural remedies such as Arnica Salve and boost your energy levels further with an adaptogenic herb such as Ashwagandha Powder, traditionally used to improve circulation and increase oxygen uptake. Keep our pocket-sized Remedies to Roll close to hand for an instant pick-me-up.

Whatever the time of year, you don’t need an excuse to make some space for your wellbeing. For more personalised wellbeing recommendations, visit a Neal's Yard Remedies store for a complimentary consultation with one of our experts.