Getting to know Jessica Hanley, founder of sustainable homeware brand Piglet in Bed

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Having recently teamed up with Piglet in Bed for our World Sleep Day giveaway, we wanted to find out more about their founder, Jessica Hanley, and how she likes to wind down and prepare for bed. And yes, of course it involves our naturally aromatherapeutic products!

1. My wind down ritual involves getting into my PJs and slippers as soon as I am confident the dog isn’t going to demand another walk around the neighbourhood. I’ll do my evening skincare early too, because there’s nothing I like more than that end of day, clean and cosy on the sofa feeling.

2. The linen set currently on my bed involves a lot of mixing and matching of our newer linen colours. I have Elderberry sheets, a Botanical Green duvet cover and Oatmeal Stripe and Honey pillowcases. I like it when it’s just on the right side of too much! 

Just this week I’ve started giving the Scandi two duvet approach a try with my husband and I think I might be a convert! We seem to be sleeping much more soundly and I don’t mind an excuse to include another linen colour in the mix.

3. My night-time skincare involves a warm face wash to remove any residue using one of our cotton face cloths and a cleansing balm, followed by either a retinol treatment or a hydrating serum depending on how my skin is feeling that day. I finish with a light night cream (I love the Neal’s Yard Remedies Vitamin E & Avocado Night Cream at the moment) and an eye serum.

Jessica Handley Founder of Piglet in Bed

4. My holy-grail night-time product is a lavender pillow spray. While I’m actually a very good sleeper who can fall asleep anywhere, running a business can definitely make it hard to switch off sometimes. Removing distractions such as my laptop from my bedroom and spritzing my pillow with a calming lavender mist helps to create a restful environment.

5. The Neal’s Yard Remedies product currently on my nightstand is Wild Rose Beauty Balm. I live in Chicago and the cold takes a toll on my skin and lips. I love having it close at hand to use whenever I need some TLC.

6. The book I’m reading before bed is The Secret History by Donna Tart. I am a very slow reader so it is lucky that I am enjoying it so much because I will likely be reading it for a long time!

7. My favourite night-time drink is hot chocolate. Bonus points for whipped cream and marshmallows!

Jessica Hanley, Founder of Piglet in Bed

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