Complementary Therapies to Enhance Your Wellbeing

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From reiki to craniosacral therapy, these effective, focused treatments offer an array of wellbeing benefits to deepen relaxation and expand your healing potential.

Woman having a relaxing massage
Woman having a relaxing massage

Complementary therapies are non-traditional physical healing practices that tap into the mind-body connection and help you access your body’s own inherent ability to shift energy, boost mood and ease pain. Or they can, quite simply, act as a means to cultivate a profound state of relaxation when stress prevails.

We all relax in different ways, and our approach towards alternative therapy should be no different. Our expert therapists offer a bespoke service based on your own unique requirements, so you can embrace the spirit of trying something new with the confidence that your needs are being met. Since relaxation is the aim of the game, all you need to do now is choose the therapy that best resonates with you. Could you be about to meet your new wellbeing fix?

Flower Essence Therapy

Give it a go for: An emotional block, negative feelings, mood shifts

We know that plants can be a powerful force for healing, but have you tried tapping into the energetic fields of flowers to reach your wellbeing goals? The real magic of this treatment lies in the traditional technique behind the flower remedies used by the therapist: the flower’s essence is captured using an ancient process known as sun steeping,  creating a potent floral essence that can create significant shifts in physical and emotional energy.


Give it a go for: Stress, anxiety, pain relief, sleep problems

This Japanese method of spiritual healing engages your mind, body, emotions and spirit to help heal you in your entirety. Using gentle touch throughout the body in your chosen space and position, your therapist will work with your internal energy to help release pent-up physical and emotional tension, aiming to restore total equilibrium within you.


Give it a go for: Physical pain and discomfort, long-term pain, stress, mood disorders

This ever-popular traditional Chinese medicine technique is used to balance the energy flowing through meridians (pathways) in the body, and is also used in Western medicine to stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue which acts as a natural painkiller. A short consultation with your therapist determines which combination of acupuncture points to focus on, then ultra-fine needles are inserted into the skin at varying depths to redirect and rebalance the body’s energy flow.

Craniosacral Therapy

Give it a go for: Head, neck and ear pain, immunity, gut issues, mood disorders

This bodywork technique might be gentle, but it can have a mighty effect on many avenues of wellbeing. Rooted in osteopathy, its gentle, hands-on method communicates with the nervous system using light touch to relieve compression in the bones of your head, lower back and spinal column. This activates your body’s own healing capacity, easing stubborn pain points, particularly in these areas.

Body Stress Release

Give it a go for: Muscle tension, aches, pains, stiffness, fatigue

Working to release stored tension from the muscles, light pressure is used to locate the source using information provided by your body. A fabulous treatment for physical discomfort caused by accumulation of stress, both physical and emotional, it can work wonders for tiredness, muscle pain, and other symptoms caused by your body’s stress response.