Aromatherapy is one of the most popular forms of natural health care and is an excellent example of an approach to health by treating the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

The Little Book of Essential Oils is a pocket guide to best practice. Author Susan Curtis has been working with natural remedies for over 30 years, a qualified practitioner and director of Neal’s Yard Remedies, she is an expert on the health benefits of essential oils.


  • Concise information on how to use essential oils safely
  • A closer look at each essential oil and its aromatherapeutic benefit
  • Dilutions and useful tips
  • Provenance of our best-selling essential oil
  • Quick referencing tool for key claims and uses

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Book of Essential Oils

I was surprised of how informative this little book is . I use it as a guide now to know exactly which essential oil to buy based on my needs

Rosalind C.
Handy little book

Great to have around when you need a reference to all the different oils. Useful tips on blends and uses for the oils including measurements for blending. I use it all the time.

Michelle C.
Little Book of essential oils

I love it! It’s so very handy & neat, packed full of essential oils! It’s my ‘go to’. ❤️

A W.
It’s a great little book!

This is really useful! I now know that some EOs can be used undiluted as perfume. Organic perfume is so expensive, so it’s a game changer to know I can use what I have at home! It’s handy to have this book to hand when making homemade products and I will definitely purchasing the bigger book in the future because not all of the EOs are in there.

Sue S.
Informative little book

I wanted a basic book to refresh my knowledge of a variety of oils having inadvertently thrown out my A to Z. This has all the important information. It is a quick reference if you have some knowledge but for a complete beginner might not give enough information about combining oils safely.