Neal's Yard Remedies Essential Oils Book will help you discover how to harness the natural health benefits that come from Essential Oils, with bespoke blends, tried-and-tested remedies and aromatic products for body and home.

It features an illustrated A-Z guide to over 80 essential oils, which includes the origins of our essential oils, how they work and what they are good for.

With over 30 recipes, each with simple step-by-step instructions, you'll be inspired to create body scrubs, bath melts and aromatherapy skincare. You can also learn how to enhance your home with relaxing room scents and uplifting scented candles, all infused with the benefits of essential oils.

Written by experts, Neal's Yard Remedies Essential Oils will help you harness the power of essential oils in your everyday life.

‘A bit confused about which aromas are best for your body and mind? As always, Neal’s Yard Remedies, has the answers laid out for you in its new essential oil bible’. OK! Magazine

Customer Reviews

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Great book 🤗

For someone who is trying to broaden my knowledge of essential oils, this book has been great to dip in and out of. The book is concise and one page per oil and it's benefits means I'm actually more likely to use it. I've already bought some new oils I've never used before and they are helping lots!

Great book

I have found s this book so useful, it clearly details many essential oils, their benefits, uses and how the oil is obtained from the plant. It's great for home use when deciding how best to use oils and provides lots of easy steps to make your own products

Liz P.L.P.
Great book & recipes

Great book If you want to learn about essential oils and try making some of your own products.

Wendy W.
Essential Oils Book - fab!!

Love this book. It’s packed with lots of information, not only about essential oils, but their healing use, remedies and recipes too. Definitely worth having on your bookshelf.

Essential oil book

Great book, tellls you all about essential oills and what they do and how to use..
Good for reference to look up oils you are using..

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