Creates sacred and harmonious environments. Purifies and releases environments with built-up negative emotional, mental and psychic energies. Great for clearing tense situations and environments and restoring balance.

Negative Condition

  • Negative mental, emotional & psychic energies
  • Disharmonious or unpleasant environments

Positive Outcome

  • Enhances sacred space
  • Clears negative and psychic energies
  • Creates harmonious environments
  • allows one to feel still and reflective


WARNING: Flammable. Contains alcohol. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18 years, unless advised by a healthcare professional. Not for use during pregnancy or lactation, unless advised by a healthcare professional. If under medical supervision consult a doctor before use. Food supplements must not replace a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Keep out of reach of children.

Angelsword, Boab, Fringed Violet, Lichen And Red Lily.

Formulation: Biogenic Essences Of The Flowers, Purified Water And Brandy As A Natural Preservative System.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lovely Scent for home and work

I love to use this spray at home as a space cleansing and clearing alternative to smudging with sage. Love the smell. Brings positivity and calm if you have a busy family home.
Also great for spraying between Qigong (like Tai Chi), sessions that I teach. Helps my students feel relaxed.

Spectacular scent

This spray is amazing. It has a beautiful scent which really lifts my spirits, clearing my energy and grounding me. I use it at work (in the very stressful NHS) and it helps so much on difficult days.


Such an amazing brand. Product smells beautiful and so cleansing

Georgie D.
Love the smell!

This spray is great, smells sumptuous too. I always use it after clients have gone, feels good to leave the space clean 😉


Nice, light scent. Can spray on skin or use as room spray. Having fun in our house banishing any negative vibes as and when they arise which is quite often! Did prefer the previous packaging for this product. Not so keen on the new design.