Planet Ocean: Tides Are Changing

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On World Oceans Day, we honour our planet's shared oceans and our personal connection with them. It's a day to recognize the ocean's vital role in our existence and to promote ways in which we can help protect it. 

As advocates for planet-positive change, we are proud to be joining the United Nations, scientists, decision-makers, private sector executives, civil society representatives, indigenous communities, celebrities, and youth activists from around the world to put the ocean first with the 30 x 30 campaign.

World Oceans Day

What is 30 x 30?

The 30x30 campaign aims to protect 30 per cent of the world's oceans by 2030 by creating a global network of marine protected areas, safeguarding the world's oceans' health and biodiversity, and helping combat the effects of climate change. This World Oceans Day, we join supporters around the globe in calling for world leaders to protect at least 30% of our land, waters and ocean by 2030. Join us and make your voice heard by signing the letter.

How we play our part in protecting the ocean

Here at Neal’s Yard Remedies, we take pride in protecting the planet and all its ecosystems, our oceans included. Here’s a closer look at what we’ve been doing to help:

1. Sustainably sourced ingredients: our seaweed story

Seaweed is packed with minerals that cleanse and revitalise skin – that’s why it’s one of our favourite ingredients to use.

For our Seaweed & Arnica collection, we carefully select the finest organic wild Bladderwrack seaweed (Fucus vesiculosus) from the British Isles and Nordic region and dry it at ambient temperature without the use of fossil fuels. This powerhouse ingredient is naturally alkalizing and antibacterial, as well as being non-allergenic, raw, and vegan.

2. We never use microbeads

We have never used plastic microbeads in any of our products, choosing to only use natural exfoliating ingredients such as rosehip seeds and cranberry seed powders for our polishes, and ground rice or pumice powder for our scrubs.

We are proud to have worked alongside Greenpeace and Fauna & Flora International to successfully lobby the UK government to #BanTheBead in wash-off products, and are now supporting our friends at the Plastic Soup Foundation to enforce this ban in all personal care and cosmetic products. You can sign their petition here

To ensure you choose products that are free from plastic ingredients, we recommend using the Good Scrub Guide, Beat the Microbead App, and Look for the Zero guide.

3. Organic conserves clean water

Using synthetic pesticides not only risks damaging soils, but also has the potential to contaminate our water. One step we can all take to keep polluting chemicals out of our waterways is to look for the Soil Association (SA) or COSMOS organic logos – something you’ll find on all our organic products.

The Soil Association is a charity dedicated to safeguarding our planet, its ecosystems and all its inhabitants. The presence of their logo on one of our bottles guarantees the product has been made in a way that respects the environment and is free from any harmful chemicals.

Soil Association
Soil Association logo

4. We recycle over 20% of our water

We are taking active steps to conserve precious freshwater sources. At our eco-factory, rainwater collected in our grey water tank is used to flush our toilets and feed our living wall, accounting for around 20% of our water usage overall. Our demineralisation water plant now recovers 90% of the wastewater it produces.

Peacemarsh eco-factory living wall

5. Products that are kind to skin, planet and pocket

Non-recyclable plastic packaging ends up in our oceans every day. To help cut down on plastic waste, we offer refill bottles and pumpless duos that help you save on packaging as well as cost. You can also upsize to our 950ml bottles, which are made with up to 57% less plastic packaging than their 200ml counterparts. Our larger format bottles can be easily recycled and come with a screw cap, allowing you to refill your smaller blue bottles time and time again.