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If you’re a fan of our iconic Wild Rose Beauty Balm, now you can enjoy that natural, healthy glow every day of the week with our new skincare routine. 

Our new Wild Rose collection is a complete beauty ritual to reveal your natural radiance. The all-star cast includes Wild Rose AHA TonerWild Rose Glow Day CreamWild Rose Glow Facial Oil, and Wild Rose Eye Brightener. Formulated with glow-giving organic wild rosehip seed oil, alongside high-performance natural and organic ingredients – you and your skin are going to love it! 

But don’t just take our word for it…


90% said skin looked visibly radiant after two weeks using Wild Rose AHA Toner*


92% said skin felt instantly hydrated after using Wild Rose Glow Day Cream**


*Based on a consumer trial with 109 women

**Based on a consumer trial with 107 women

Wild Rose products surrounded by rosehips

The hero ingredient that features across the range is our organic wild rosehip seed oil. Harvested from the seeds of Rosa canina bushes, it’s packed full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help your skin glow from head to toe.


Let’s take a closer look at why rosehip seed oil is such a powerhouse ingredient:

It moisturises and hydrates

Hydration is essential for soft, supple skin, and moisturising can help to retain your skin’s natural hydration. Wild rosehip seed oil can work as a great alternative to moisturiser, as it contains a wealth of nourishing essential fatty acids that are easily absorbed into the skin.

Wild Rose Glow Day Cream on a pedestal

Adding a moisturiser such as our Wild Rose Glow Day Cream into your routine can help to instantly hydrate and revitalise your skin. It’s a lightweight moisturiser that leaves skin with a healthy glow, so you’ll feel radiant and fresh to start the day. 

It helps to revitalise dull skin

To get that sought-after, radiant look, it’s a good idea to include an exfoliating product in your routine to get rid of product build-up and dead skin, and leave you with a brighter, more revitalised complexion.


Wild Rose AHA Toner on a plinth

Our Wild Rose AHA Toner is a great addition to your skincare routine. The addition of caviar lime extract and citric acid also helps to renew and refine your skin, improving the overall texture and condition and leaving your face beautifully soft and smooth.


It softens the texture of your skin

Organic wild rosehip seed oil is packed full of goodness that your skin loves. This key ingredient is great at softening your skin and creating the perfect base for a natural make-up look.


Wild Rose Glow Facial Oil on a plinth

A nourishing oil such as our Wild Rose Glow Facial Oil is a lovely treat for your skin. Using a unique combination of light oils and plant-derived fatty acids, rosehip seed oil helps increase skin’s suppleness – leaving you with soft, smooth and refined skin.



“I cannot believe the difference in my skin. It feels so soft and smooth and visibly better, so much so everyone has been commenting on how well I look!”

, consumer trial participant for Wild Rose Glow Facial Oil


Open Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Our Wild Rose Beauty Balm is also a multipurpose must-have that helps your skin glow with radiance. Whether you use it with a face cloth as an exfoliating cleanser, or you leave it on overnight for a nourishing treatment is completely up to you. 


It leaves the eye area looking bright

With its natural hydration and glow-giving qualities, rosehip seed oil can be used to brighten your eye area on those days when even a strong coffee just isn’t enough to wake you up. 


Wild Rose Eye Brightener on a plinth

Our Wild Rose Eye Brightener is a light-reflecting, fast-absorbing serum that reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness for a brighter, revitalised eye area.



“Dramatically improved my eyes over 2 weeks! Dark circles are banished, and my eyes are younger looking and radiant.”


Rennay, consumer trial participant for Wild Rose Eye Brightener


Rosehips being dried in a white bag

Just as you’ve come to expect from Neal’s Yard Remedies all our ingredients are carefully and thoughtfully sourced with planet and people in mind. We source many of our sustainable rosehips from the wild hillsides of rural Serbia, where we work with the local community to create employment opportunities. 


The full Wild Rose Skincare Collection

Our Wild Rose collection also features the balancing scent of geranium essential oil. Made from the leaves and flowers of geranium grown in the Democratic Republic of Congo, this long-standing project supports the income and employment of several hundred people and has recently funded a health clinic. 


So, what are you waiting for? Get your natural glow with our NEW Wild Rose Skincare collection