FairWild Week: Go Wild for Wild Plants

Neal's Yard Remedies

Neal's Yard Remedies

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This week is FairWild week, it’s all about raising awareness of the wild plant ingredients that are in products we consume every day, ranging from beauty to foods, home furnishings and even food supplements. They often come from some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on earth,  and are collected by some of the most impoverished communities – often women. It’s these indigenous communities that hold the heritage of plant knowledge, understanding how much can be sustainably harvested from the wild. Without this knowledge we are often endangering wild plants through overharvesting and exploitation.

The FairWild Foundation is committed to building a fairer, more ethical and empowered world for people who rely on wild plant collection through a FairWild premium, whilst also ensuring the protection of plants through sustainable harvesting. In short – FairWild certification is helping to protect plants, people, and wildlife. All at once.

Wherever possible we choose FairWild ingredients for our organic herbal teabags, so not only do they taste great but they have the feel-good factor too!

Quiet Time Tea

I find this tea perfect for times when my head is busy and I need some mental space or quiet time, it’s perfect after work or for a mid-afternoon cuppa! The main ingredients are sweetly floral, with chamomile, FairWild certified lime flower from Hungary and Poland, rose, comforting lemon balm, fresh spearmint and FairWild certified liquorice from Spain.

Bright Start Tea

This is my tea of choice to start the day in the best possible way. It contains FairWild dandelion root from Poland and nettle which are often used in Springtime teas, blended with FairWild rosehip from Serbia and lemon to add some zing, plus warming spices of cardamom and ginger and FairWild liquorice from Spain.

Fired Up Tea

This my pick me up tea when I’m feeling chilly, need a bit of va-va-vroom or feeling a bit out of sorts. It’s a warming blend of gentle spices in a base of rooibos, including golden turmeric, ginger and cinnamon with tangy orange peel and FairWild rosehips from Serbia, sweetened with FairWild liquorice from Spain. Deliciously spicy tasting!

After Dinner Tea

Well the name says it all – I find this tea perfect after a meal but it also tastes great at any time of day. I love sweetly aromatic aniseed and fennel, blended with refreshing peppermint and spearmint and classic springtime herbs of FairWild dandelion root and nettle from Poland with warming ginger. I find it so soothing!

Night Time Tea

This is a tea blended for the evening! I find it helps my mind to feel quieter so I have a greater sense of peacefulness ready for bedtime. It’s gently floral with chamomile, lavender, lemon balm and FairWild Lime flower from Poland and Hungary, whilst valerian and passionflower are classic night time herbs and FairWild liquorice from Spain adds a touch of sweetness. Sweet dreams!