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Governments and leading experts around the world recognise that neonicotinoids - a group of particularly powerful pesticides (insecticides to be exact) - are at the heart of why bees are fast disappearing. Experts have warned that honeybees could disappear entirely from Britain by 2018!

Since our Bee Lovely campaign launched in 2011, we’ve raised over £60,000 for bee friendly causes. We’ve handed in a petition to 10 Downing Street, with more than 117,000 signatures, calling for a ban on deadly neonicotinoid pesticides. And we created a buzz about bees through our stores, Independent Consultants and social media to raise awareness on how we can all take action to help protect our precious pollinators. Download our booklet below or ask in store on how you can help with the campaign.

Bee Lovely Collection

Bee Lovely to Honey Bees

Our Organic Honey

For our part in supporting the growing global movement to ban neonicotinoids and protect the humble bee, the products in our Bee Lovely Collection are sourced from sustainable cooperatives who provide a pure and organic source of honey. That means our Bee Lovely Collection is made from both the nourishing beeswax and this moisturising organic honey, which we have combined with natural essential oils. Through sales of this range, we are donating £10,000 a year to projects that Help Save the Bees.

The moisturising organic honey in our Bee Lovely range is so pure, it's good enough to eat.  The delicately flavoured honey comes from a cooperative in south eastern Mexico, that guarantees a fair price and sustainable market for the small-scale farmers, and access to their incredible pure organic honey for us.  And don't worry about the bees, the honey is sustainably-sourced, with the beekeepers leaving enough honey to feed the bees through the lean winter months.

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust is working to raise awareness, halt & ultimately reverse the dramatic decline in the UK’s bumblebees.

Plantlife Logo


Plantlife is the UK’s only wild plant conservation charity dedicated to saving our native wild flora, which in turn helps save our precious bees.

Bees for Development

Bees for Development

Lifting people out of poverty in poor and remote areas of the world through beekeeping by working with individuals, trainers, community groups and associations

World Land Trust

Download Our Booklet

We have produced a booklet full of Bee Lovely facts and great ideas on how to help bees in your neighbourhood and beyond.