Valeriana officinalis

Neal’s Yard Remedies is committed to looking after the environment so we will dispatch your herb order in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging needed.


We’re moving to a new eco-friendly Natureflex™ film for our clear herb bags. This renewable, plant-sourced bag is made from PEFC/FSC® certified wood pulp and meets both industrial and home composting standards.


Kept cool and dry, your Natureflex bag will last and be useful for general purpose, such as storage of dried goods. You can bring your Natureflex™ bag, or any other clean container of your preference, on your next visit to be re-filled with dried herbs.

TIP: Gently wipe the inside clean with a dry cloth to remove any residual herb dust before using again.

As a general guide use one to two teaspoons of dried herb or mixture of herbs to a cupful of water.  Place the herb in a saucepan, pour on the water, cover with a lid and simmer for ten to fifteen minutes before straining.

For further information and recommended dosage please consult a qualified practitioner.

Caution: this is a powerful sedative remedy which should only be used in small doses. It is a specific for headaches and insomnia but does not agree with everyone. In general, herbal sedatives are best avoided in depression.

100% Valerian Root Dried Herb (Valeriana Officinalis).

Allergen Information

May Contain: Gluten, Soya, Nuts, Peanuts, Sesame, Mustard And Celery.

Customer Reviews

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Love it

This is a key ingredient for my sleep tea. It definitely works and I will be buying more as soon as it starts to run out.

laura t.
Valerian dried root

Bought for my 5 cats, they love it, hilarious to watch them rolling around in it! Also make a good tea.

Pauline B.

A wonderful addition to a general calming tea I make for those particularly stressful or anxious brain days! Valerian root works beautifully to calm and relax, an essential herb for my menopausal survival kit!! :)

Kitty calmer

Use for stressed cats. Use as you would catnip. Cats adore it, this has a wonderful calming effect. Unlike catnip that makes cats "high" I have worked in rescue for many years and always have dried valerian in the store cupboard. Pop kitty toys in a bag of Valerian and leave for a few hours, give the toys to kitty's to play with. Very economical to use.

great to calm nerves and promote sleep

I used this when my life got very stressful and it helped me sleep well as a bedtime drink. It is easy to use and you can decide your own strength and add honey for taste, non addictive.