Ulmus fulva


We’re moving to a new eco-friendly Natureflex™ film for our clear herb bags. This renewable, plant-sourced bag is made from PEFC/FSC® certified wood pulp and meets both industrial and home composting standards.


Kept cool and dry, your Natureflex bag will last and be useful for general purpose, such as storage of dried goods. You can bring your Natureflex™ bag, or any other clean container of your preference, on your next visit to be re-filled with dried herbs.

TIP: Gently wipe the inside clean with a dry cloth to remove any residual herb dust before using again.

As a general guide use one to two teaspoons of dried herb or mixture of herbs to a cupful of water.  Place the herb in a saucepan, pour on the water, cover with a lid and simmer for ten to fifteen minutes before straining.

For further information and recommended dosage please consult a qualified practitioner.

100% Slippery Elm Dried Herb (Ulmus Fulva).

Allergen Information

May Contain: Gluten, Soya, Nuts, Peanuts, Sesame, Mustard And Celery.

Customer Reviews

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Slippery Elm

The product is just as expected. Perfect.

Daniel P.
Superb Slippery Elm

Great Slippery Elm powder. Mixes well with hot water and produces the perfect texture, just as it should. I have purchased in the UK from various places and this is by far the best quality I have managed to get, at a good price as well. Will definitely purchase from Neals Yard again.

Janet E.
Slippery elm

Thanks so much delivered quickly and parcel lovely I’ve only used for a week so hoping it’s helps my acid reflux .

Best quality

Not the cheapest available but Neal's Yard is definitely the best quality if you're happy to pay a few extra pounds. Some others are a little gritty but this is smooth when made up with hot water and seems to be more concentrated as thickens up a lot more. If anyone has acid reflux/hiatus hernia like myself this product is an absolute lifesaver. It is the only thing to provide relief during a bad flare up when Gaviscon and Omeprazole do nothing. I would recommend a teaspoon and a half made up in half a mug of hot water to make up a nice thick consistency to soothe gastric pain. I mix gingerbread sweet freedom syrup (available on Amazon) with mine and it is a fairly pleasant drink.

Very good for tummy upsets

Although this is hard to take, as it has not got a good taste, our boys are now so impressed at how well it works for an upset tummy, they actually ask for it, knowing that it tastes bad, but is worth it because it works, where nothing else does.