This nurturing rose otto essential oil has a sweet, floral fragrance and is distilled from Turkish damask roses that are carefully hand-picked in the early morning, before they open and release their precious scent. Soothing and sensual, it nourishes your skin and has a calming effect on your emotions during tense times.

Key rose otto oil benefit: Relaxing
Latin name: Rosa damascena
Country of origin: Turkey
Blends beautifully with: geranium, bergamot and black pepper
Suitable for children over 2 years old
Comes in a 10ml bottle and contains 2.5ml of oil (approximately 50 drops depending on viscosity)

Bath & Shower

The essential oil is inhaled through the aromatic steam, as well as being absorbed by the skin. For adults, add up to 5 drops in 2 tbsp bath oil, shower gel, or carrier oil. For children over 2 years old or adults with sensitive skin, reduce the amount to up to 2 drops per 2 tbsp. Not suitable for children under two years old.


This technique helps to clear your head and nose. For adults, add 4–6 drops to a bowl of steaming water, pace a towel over your head and breathe. Children over 2 years old, adults with sensitive skin and asthmatics should not inhale directly. Instead, place the bowl of hot water with added oils in the room nearby. Not suitable for children under two years old.


Relaxes your body and mind while helping to soothe aching muscles. For adults, use up to 7 drops in 1 tbsp of base oil. For children over 2 years old or adults with sensitive skin, use up to 3 drops in 1 tbsp of base oil. Not suitable for children under two years old.

Diffusers & Burners

A natural air freshener, this technique creates a relaxing ambiance and mood. For adults, add 1–3 drops in a diffuser or burner. For children over 2 years old, add 1–3 drops in a diffuser. Not suitable for children under two years old.

Rosa Damascena Flower Oil

Customer Reviews

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Rose otto

This Otto is gorgeous, I love the Turkish variety. Really good quality oil, I got it to use in fine perfumery. I believe rose Otto is also best for skin care.

Iris B.
Amazing Relaxing Smells

I love the smell of this oil. It smells amazing just likes rose around me whole day. I really like to add a few drop to my moisturizer and shampoo - makes me more relaxing mood when working. I will keep on to buy this product.

Louise U.

Still have not received product have tried to get in contact with yodel which has been unsuccessful. Needless to say not happy at all

marilyn f.
Rose otto

Very happy with this product

Cherry B.

This oil smells amazing! You have to hold the bottle upside down for a few seconds before you get one drop of oil out, so there is no waste. Yes it is expensive, due to how it's produced but I think it's worth it. I've also used the Rose Absolute, which is lovely so if your budget doesn't run to Otto then I'd recommend that one.

Ignore review from Helen H - she is lying

Helen H from Redditch claims she only got 2-3 drops out of the bottle. This is rubbish. Rose oil comes as 2.5ml in a 10ml container and it clearly states that. Anyone who knows anything about essential oils knows how very expensive Rose Otto is and understands this to be the case. In each ml of oil you get 20 drops out of a Neals Yard dropper. She would therefore have got 50 drops in her 2.5ml, not the 2-3 drops she claims. If she only got 2-3 drops she would not have been able to see ANY oil in the jar at all. I cant stand people like this and have to wonder what her agenda is ? Working for the competition maybe, or wrangling for a freebie !


This oil is pricey but it's well worth it. The smell at least in my bottle was divine, although I love rose a lot anyway this was a truly pure and beautiful smell. I have used it for aromatherapy, in cosmetics and even in baking. It has been outstanding again and again, uplifting, softening and balancing to skin and hair and my buttercream I made with just one small drop had a wonderful light rose all the way through it. If you like rose this is for you, it is expensive and if you're really strapped for cash consider the absolute but in my opinion the otto definitely justifies the price. I would like very much if Neal's Yard would offer a CO2 extracted oil and a centrifolia oil as well as the damask

unsure of measurements

Like the other comments before me, whilst it may have been mentioned in the shop by the assistant briefly, I did't fully realise that the bottle would only contain 2.5 mls of the oil. The advise for massage oil on all of your essential oils says 15 drops/ unknown amount of oil. This would use up most of the bottle in one go. As this rose oil is more concentrated than the other, is the amount to add still the same? Do you have any recipes with amounts to use, to make this last longer? I wonder how much is in the rose balm? I haven't opened it yet, so could always return and swap for something else