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Lovely products

Love the Bee Kind range. Smells amazing feels lovely too. Good for my dry sensitive skin. Would definitely recommend ❤️

Nightly renewal

I love this cream as it nourishes my skin overnight and gives a youthful glow in the morning. I’ve used it for a few years now and can fully recommend it.

Interesting Overnight Mask

I find this mask interesting because I never have the patience or time to apply the usual sort and lie still for 30 minutes or so whilst they do their job. This one is easy to apply and doesn’t leave you looking like a ghost for long! In the morning my skin has completely absorbed it and feels pretty good. This is my first time trying this product and so far I rather like it.

Lovely Serum

I love this serum because it smells wonderful, goes on beautifully and leaves my skin feeling plumped up ready for the moisturiser.

Wild rose beauty balm

A beautiful product smells nice and moisturises yor lips really good.Leaves them soft and very kissable.

Moisturising too!

We have a newborn and are washing our hands so much so we’ve been using this and wow. Definitely worth while. Smells amazing and also moisturising. Doesn’t dry your hands! Will recommend!

Baby Bath & Shampoo 200ml
Perfect gift for a baby

It's so lovely to buy good quality products for a newborn which are gentle and sweet-smelling

Lovely product

Tha packaging of this product is so pretty and then when you use it, you are transported by the lovely honeyed fragrance.

Mother's Bath Oil 100ml
Lovely product for a new mum

Perfect for relaxing in the bath whilst the baby (hopefully!) sleeps

Perfect gift for a new mum

I've just bought this for my daughter who's having a baby and she loves the gentle fragrance!

Wonderful product

My daughter bought this for me and love it. My skin feels softer and clean.

Frankincense Intense Age-Defying Cream

An excellent product which makes my skin feel and look smoother and healthier.
I value most of your Frankincense range as they have improved the texture of my skin immeasurably.

balance shower oil

I'm of the age where women's balance is essential (69)
Not always keen on oils in showers but I do like this NY shower oil
I mainly use it on my chest and arms then down my body, it changes into a milky liquid which is a good thing, you don't lose any product. I pump directly onto my skin and massage all over
Scent is delicate and discrete.
A bit expensive but as I do like everything that it does, I'll continue to use it
I like it and my old sensitive skin enjoys it.

Peaceful relaxing sleep

Since being assaulted I have found getting to sleep very difficult. My husband bought me a Zen essential oil diffuser and some Neals Yard Night Time essential oil. I find the divine and lovely smell is very relaxing and soothing on my troubled mind giving me much needed peaceful rest. I have now bought several other Neals Yard oils so I can rotate the scents and match them to my moods and create a peaceful atmosphere and sense of well being when I need it.

I’m buying it for my husband and he loves it - been using it for years!

Wild Rose Beauty

A little gem in a tiny tin, does wonder for your skin!

Great product

Highly recommend I’m on my second pot of my pregnancy


I was looking for calendula cream as it had been recommended to me. I researched various ones and discovered Neal’s yard to be the one I liked the most. I ordered it and it is amazing! Good quality ingredients- helps with all kinds of irritations by just using a small amount. Communication from company is brilliant, updates on delivery etc. when it arrived ( perfectly packaged in a small box with shredded paper as protection inside) I was most impressed. I will always buy this cream from Neal’s yard as it has fresh organic plant extracts and 71% organic ingredients, it calms sensitive skin and has 5% organic calendula tincture and 10% organic calendula macerated oil in a soothing ointment base. You can obviously get a cheaper product of calendula cream but I have found this is by far the best one.


I’ve been looking for small brown jars for a while when I stumbled upon these and they’re absolutely perfect. Quick delivery, amazing value for money and the packaging surprised me with how luxurious it was!

Eucalyptus Balm - Fantastic stuff

I use this eucalyptus balm in the colder months on my chest every night to stop me from getting a chest infection. I’m sure it does the trick. I also put frankincense oil on my pjs too. Haven’t had a chest infection for years.

Best Vitamins E

It works very well for me.

Beauty Balm

Lovely product, smells gorgeous too

Best hand sanitiser

I have been using this ever since Covid started and I love it. Everyone comments on the gorgeous lemongrass smell and it does not dry out your hands like other alcohol-based sanitisers. I buy the refill bottles to fill my little spray bottles that I keep in the car, handbag and at work.

Absolutely fantastic

The pot lasts months and is so effective. Any slight sign of irritation and it works wonders by the next change. I recommend it to everyone. It’s also suitable to use with cloth nappies

Gorgeous night mask

I have been really impressed with my skin in the morning after wearing this mask