This blend promotes acceptance and understanding when anger and bitterness seem uppermost in the mind and it's difficult to feel life is fair. Could also bring essential insight into the self. Indicated for: resentment, intolerance, co-dependence, neediness, unhappiness, relationship problems, attention seeking, blaming, indifference, uncaring, distancing, controlling, inability to change.

Add 4 drops to a small glass/bottle of water and sip every four hours throughout the day. Take more frequently if indicated. Make up new glass/bottle daily. Alternatively, take 4 drops under the tongue direct from the dosage bottle, up to four times a day. If you’re sensitive to herbal remedies, you could try taking just 2 drops each night around bedtime.

For further information, please consult a flower essence practitioner or our Customer Services department.

Warnings: Do not use undiluted on the skin. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Flammable. 

Organic French Brandy 40% abv. 3,000 mls With infusion of equal amounts of: Ilex aquifolium Salix vitellina Fagus sylvatica Vitis vinifera Chicorium intybus Hottonia palustris mother essence 20% abv 11.25 mls One part infusion in 261.87 parts brandy.

Customer Reviews

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Helped me discard a resentment that had festered for years AND find compassion for the perpetrators. I can’t recommend highly enough.

Mel B.
Game Changer

Letting Go Flower Essence Blend is an absolute game-changer! With its unique blend of floral essences, this potion is like a breath of fresh air for the soul. From the moment you take a drop, you embark on a journey of liberation and tranquility. Each essence delicately intertwines to create a symphony of release, allowing you to shed the weight of worries and embrace newfound freedom. Say goodbye to stress and hello to serenity with Letting Go Flower Essence Blend. It's a must-have elixir for anyone seeking inner peace and rejuvenation!

Gill C.
Letting Go

This flower essence has really helped me clear my mind of a stubborn thought in just a couple of days. Yesterday I felt like giving up - this afternoon I realised it had gone - a clear head - wonderful.

Gena B.
Not arrived

Been waiting for 3 weeks. Emailed and phoned. Lost in the post. Still waiting re ordered one to arrive🤦‍♀️

Great for letting go and getting clarity

I’ve found it helpful in clearing my mind-body of memories and unnecessary concerns. I feel lighter, clearer and more present. It is useful for shifting yourself beyond problems. Such a simple remedy/shortcut to greater peace of mind and a happy being.