Introducing… Frankincense Intense™ Age-Defying Overnight Mask

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We welcome the latest addition to our bestselling ‘age well’ skincare range — an intensively rejuvenating mask that visibly firms, lifts and recontours.

The powerful anti-ageing properties of our Frankincense Intense™ range are no secret; that’s why it’s a customer favourite. If you’re looking to target visible signs of ageing, an everyday routine formed from Frankincense Intense™ essentials is most definitely the way to go. But don’t you find that some days, your skin requires an extra boost? Frankincense Intense™ Age-Defying Overnight Mask is a three-times-a-week treatment that harnesses all the goodness of our bestselling range, and then some; addressing multiple stressors that contribute to skin ageing and, in turn, breathing youth back into your complexion. Here’s what you can expect to see… 

Clinically proven to firm, lift and recontour skin, as well as reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles after 28 days, when used 3 times per week

Visibly firmer, lifted and recontoured skin

We’re all too familiar with the loss of elasticity that occurs as our skin ages, and this is what leads to deep lines and wrinkles. Reducing their appearance — and keeping them at bay — calls for intelligent, high-performance ingredients. For this reason, Bacillus ferment is one of the heroes of the formula; a marine biotechnological ingredient that can recharge skin’s energy, like a cold blast to tired skin, bringing it back to life. The effect is instant firmness and a recontoured lift that only improves over time with consistent use. 

70% said their skin felt instantly firmer* and 73% said their deep lines and wrinkles were reduced after 6 weeks†

A restored, rested and radiant complexion

Botanical adaptogens are the gold-standard when it comes to natural ingredients that really deliver when it comes to preventing further damage to the skin from factors like sun, smoke and pollution. Used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, we’ve chosen ashwagandha for its glow-boosting properties, Centella asiatica (Got kola) macerated oil for its firming, plumping and reparative powers, and turmeric root extract for its unmatched anti-inflammatory and tone-smoothing abilities. All three are so rich in antioxidants, their protective powers are unmatched. 

80% said their complexion was more even after 2 weeks†

*Based on a consumer trial with 102 women when used as a 30 minute treatment †Based on a consumer trial with 100 women when used as an overnight treatment, 3 times per week 

Stress, eased

Frankincense essential oil is traditionally prized for its deeply relaxing properties. It can help ease the effects of psychological stress on ageing skin — a critical factor that’s all-too-often overlooked — with aromatherapy benefits that help shift a stressed mindset. Poor quality sleep also feeds into the stress cycle, so applying the mask just before bed (or, better still, leaving it on as an overnight treatment) allows for a few all-important mindful moments to inhale its calming earthy and balsamic notes, and prepare the mind for a blissful snooze.