Make Your Own Christmas Aromatherapy Blends 2022

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The festive season is the perfect time to remind our loved ones how much we care, but it can be hard to know what to give someone who seems to have everything. At such a busy time of year, the gift of self-care is more important than ever, and we’re here to help you create a unique gift that anyone in need of a little TLC can use time and again.

Homemade Body Lotion with Pine Essential Oil

Creating a bespoke blend of essential oils to suit your loved one is a useful, versatile, sustainable alternative to more traditional Christmas gifts. Once you’ve perfected your blend of aromatherapy oils, you can explore our Create Your Own collection and select the best carrier for your signature blend. You might choose to create a relaxing massage oil, invigorating hair and body wash or an indulgent face and body lotion.  You could even combine your blend with an aromatherapy diffuser for a really special gift.

Electronic Diffuser in bedroom aromatherapy

Christmas Essential Oils

Some of the best essential oils for the festive season are the most nostalgic.  The scents of our favourite Christmas essential oils tend to evoke feelings of comfort and calm, perhaps even reminding us of our childhoods. When creating your bespoke essential oil blend, consider using some of our festive favourites as inspiration...

Frankincense Organic Essential Oil

Frankincense Organic Essential Oil has a deeply relaxing aroma.  Its warming, grounding scent has been used for centuries to promote a state of relaxation and to enhance wellbeing. This deeply soothing scent would make a wonderfully luxurious addition to your signature Christmas blend.

Pine Organic Essential Oil & Lavender Essential Oil

The fresh, wintry scent of Pine Organic Essential Oil is reminiscent of brisk, winter woodlands. It would be a great inclusion in your blend for someone who likes the scent of Lavender Essential Oil, as pine and lavender make a beautiful pairing. The refreshing aroma of pine can help to support your respiratory system and can be used to help ease your muscles after exertion, making it the perfect addition to a massage oil.

Peppermint Essential Oil

For a less traditional take on a Christmas blend, consider scents like Peppermint Essential Oil. Not only is this scent reminiscent of childhood candy canes, but this cooling and refreshing essential oil can help to stimulate the mind and refresh the body. It’s also a great digestive tonic, which might be useful after a few too many mince pies.

Ginger Organic Essential Oil

Another quintessentially festive scent is Ginger Organic Essential Oil. This deeply stimulating, warming essential oil can ease aching muscles and can help to boost your circulation when combined with a therapeutic massage.  Not only will it create a deliciously Christmassy scent if you use it with aromatherapy diffusers throughout your home, but you’ll also enjoy its energising aromatherapeutic benefits.

Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh Essential Oil is another Christmas favourite. This rejuvenating oil is a wonderfully earthy scent that pairs beautifully with Frankincense Organic Essential Oil.  Myrrh, along with frankincense and gold, were gifted to the baby Jesus under the star of Bethlehem in the original Christmas story, so it would be an appropriate essential oil to include in your festive blend.  It can also help to tone and rejuvenate the skin, making it an excellent addition to a face and body lotion.

Frankincense Essential Oil

The best blends for gifting tend to focus on your loved one’s favourite scent. From there you can experiment with complementary oils, to make sure you have incorporated base, middle and top notes to create a well rounded scent.  If you need some extra inspiration, you can browse essential oils on our website, and find out which scents blend well together to get you started. Alternatively, if you prefer to shop in person, you can visit us in store to test scents and blends for yourself. Our staff will be happy to help and offer tried and tested recommendations.

Whether you gift your bespoke blend as a set with an aromatherapy diffuser, or you choose to customise a carrier product like a lotion or a massage oil from our Create Your Own collection; a Christmas aromatherapy blend is a personal, versatile gift to encourage your loved one to take a precious moment to themselves this festive season.

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