Take Care of Yourself this Winter with Our Winter Wellbeing Box

We’re big advocates of self-care here at Neal’s Yard Remedies. With winter just around the corner, what better way to take care of yourself than with our edit of all the best natural and organic health and beauty for those darker evenings, frosty days and windswept skin.


Our skin’s needs change with the seasons, and as the weather cools down we need to update our routines to keep our skin full of moisture. Our Winter Wellbeing Box is carefully curated with this in mind, forming the perfect aromatherapeutic self-care ritual to leave you feeling good and looking good, naturally.


Here’s what’s inside…


Wild Rose Beauty Balm

An intensely nourishing one-pot wonder balm, this product helps to visibly enhance your radiance. You can use it in so many ways – as an exfoliating cleanser at the end of the day, a nourishing overnight treatment, or even a lip balm. The Wild Rose Beauty Balm included in the Winter Wellbeing Box is 15g.

Sensitive Restore + Smooth Serum

When the harsh cold weather causes havoc with your skin, reach for this serum to instantly soothe and hydrate. With a blend of fermented oat extract, sea water mineral infusion and hyaluronic acid, you’ll be left with healthier looking skin that feels less sensitive.

English Lavender Bath & Shower Gel

There’s nothing better than a warm bath or shower to help you unwind after a cold winter’s day. Combining the calming aroma of organic English lavender with the soothing extracts of chamomile and oat, this foaming gel gently cleanses your body and relaxes your mind to help bring a sense of enhanced winter wellbeing.

Aromatic Body Butter

Deeply nourishing with organic shea, cocoa butter and a relaxing blend of essential oils, this rich and creamy body butter leaves your skin feeling smooth and smelling divine. The perfect finishing touch after a relaxing bath. The Aromatic Body Butter that features in our Winter Wellbeing Box is 50g.

Melissa Hand Cream

The cold winter weather can be tough on our hands, so it’s important to keep them nourished and conditioned. With the delicate scent of lemon balm, this hand cream is a staple for your winter wellbeing. Pop it in your handbag or leave one on your desk so you’ve always got it handy.

Organic Defence Aromatherapy Blend

This cleansing blend of zesty lemongrass, purifying niaouli and naturally protective thyme is a natural alternative to harsh chemical disinfectants and room refreshers. It’s especially useful during winter, either in a diffuser to purify the air or as a cleanser to sanitise surfaces, both of which help to support your body’s immune system.

Calming Temple Salve

As part of your relaxing self-care ritual, this easily absorbed and nourishing salve can be massaged into your temples to bring a sense of calm to your evening. With lavender essential oil and shea butter, it’s ideal for times when you’re feeling particularly tense.

Quiet Time Tea

The perfect finishing touch to your self-care ritual, create a moment of tranquillity with a cup of Quiet Time Tea. Using a subtle floral infusion to help you really relax and unwind, a warm cup of tea always makes a lovely end to a blustery winter’s day.

Breathe & Be Calm Taster Treatment


We’re treating you to something special this winter with an invitation to relax and unwind: join us at one of our Therapy Rooms for your free Breathe & Be Calm taster treatment. Cleanse your senses and relieve feelings of fatigue with this perfect boost for your winter wellbeing.



With everything you need for the perfect self-care ritual this winter, the contents of our Winter Wellbeing Box are worth £120, but you can get it for just £25 when you spend £60. See our website for more details.


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