One of our top ten bestselling essential oils, this cleansing and refreshing lavender essential oil is steam distilled from the flowers and leaves of French lavender. Naturally soothing, lavender oil is calming for your body, mind and wellbeing.

Key lavender oil benefit: Relaxing
Latin name: Lavandula angustifolia
Country of origin: France
Blends beautifully with: clary sage and marjoram
Suitable for children over 2 years old


Bath & Shower

The essential oil is inhaled through the aromatic steam, as well as being absorbed by the skin. For adults, add up to 5 drops in 2 tbsp bath oil, shower gel, or carrier oil. For children over 2 years old or adults with sensitive skin, reduce the amount to up to 2 drops per 2 tbsp. Not suitable for children under two years old.


This technique helps to clear your head and nose. For adults, add 4–6 drops to a bowl of steaming water, place a towel over your head and breathe. Children over 2 years old, adults with sensitive skin and asthmatics should not inhale directly. Instead, place the bowl of hot water with added oils in the room nearby. Not suitable for children under two years old.


Relaxes your body and mind while helping to soothe aching muscles. For adults, use up to 7 drops in 1 tbsp of base oil. For children over 2 years old or adults with sensitive skin, use up to 3 drops in 1 tbsp of base oil. Not suitable for children under two years old.

Diffusers & Burners

A natural air freshener, this technique creates a relaxing ambiance and mood. For adults, add 1–3 drops in a diffuser or burner. For children over 2 years old, add 1–3 drops in a diffuser. Not suitable for children under two years old.

TIP - Holiday S.O.S.

Traditionally used as a soothing antiseptic essential oil, lavender is a good general first aider.


Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 142 reviews
Gorgeous oil

I always choose Neals Yard for my essential oils as you can always rely on the quality of their products.

This oil smells lovely and is not too overwhelming.

I have also been using this oil to deter fruit flies by adding a few drops to warm soapy water and wiping around my kitchen and adding a few drops to mop water.

Claire P.
Lavender Oil

A very relaxing oil , I put a few drops on a tissue when I go to bed and lay it by my bed
after smelling it and doing slow deep breathing exercises it makes me calm and I soon fall asleep. Neals Yard is the best out of all I have tried.

Rose D.
Wonderful stuff

It helps me sleep at night. I put it on my pillow and it makes my bedroom smell beautifully. I cannot recommend it highly enough for anxiety and sleep

Debbie P.
Lovely lavender

A really beautiful lavender. Highly recommend. So fragrant! Lots of uses with this particular essential oil and it blends really well with other essential oils.

Mari O.
Good quality essential oils

The lavender oil is always excellent quality.