From the potting shed

Neal's Yard Remedies

Neal's Yard Remedies

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We all see the face of a brand, creating what we want people to see, but what creates the heart, soul or the spirit of a brand? I think this is where the magic lies and one of the things makes us different.

After 20 odd years working here it’s the people and the passion they put in to their work – loving what they do, caring that it's done well and giving to a brand because they believe in what it does. I wanted to show this to the public, so they see a little of the ‘everyday, behind the scenes stuff’, the truly lovely people who work here, and the care that we all put in – creating the NYR I love.

What is From the Potting Shed?

So, The Potting Shed is a storytelling opportunity, the bits no-one knows about and showing the people behind the scenes and what they do. Being transparent. It’s an introduction now but hopefully will metamorphosise into something uniquely us.

Why From the Potting Shed? We’re all about plants. Neal’s Yard Remedies is like a beautiful flower filled garden but creating that garden takes a whole load of hard work and love.
The potting shed is where a lot of that hard work takes place, sowing seeds, watching them germinate, tending them as they grow and then planting them out in the garden to thrive. Sounds rather like us… Watch all the videos over on the Neal’s Yard Remedies YouTube channel, and shop our full range of skincare, beauty and inner health products.