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Mary-Clare qualified as a Body Stress Release practitioner in 2015 and set up a practice whilst living in South Africa. She is now practising in London where her clients are of all ages and with a wide range of symptoms.  After spending most of her life suffering from back pain, neck pain and sciatica due to car accidents and hyper mobility she discovered Body Stress Release when she became almost immobile from the locked-in stress in her back and neck.  After two months of weekly sessions of Body Stress Release she felt compelled to train as a practitioner as her body had responded so well and it had completely changed her life.


Mary-Clare is passionate about encouraging the body to self-heal and by using a bio-feedback monitor she is able to help relieve the built-up stress in the body that interferes with this natural healing.


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Qualifications: MBSRA(UK), BCMA,

College: The Body Stress Release Academy South Africa

Date: 26th September 2015