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Katie discovered Naturopathy after truly realising the importance of diet and its effect on health and mood.  The attraction is that it treats the whole person and the cause; not the symptoms.


Katie’s Naturopathy degree involved health science education, as well as a large range of therapies.  This was all used with 'hands on' training in a clinic where Katie treated people from the general public before graduating.


Not only treating adults, Katie also keeps mother and baby healthy and happy from pregnancy to birth and beyond.  This is done by combining Naturopathy with Maternity Reflexology. 

Katie is passionate about what she does and believes Naturopathy is a more natural and appealing way to help people be well and healthy in today’s hectic world.

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Complementary Medicine: Naturopathy BSc (with Hons) 2:1 from the University of Westminster (September 2010 – July 2014) Graduated November 2014

Maternity Reflexology with Sally Earlam July 2015