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Caroline Sheldrick MNIMH is a Medical Herbalist who has been in local practice since 2003. She undertook a rigorous four-year training at Middlesex University and is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, the oldest body of herbalists in the world.


Medical Herbalists combine traditional knowledge about medicinal plants with modern clinical medicine, making a holistic treatment which is individual for every patient. Caroline will compile a full picture of each patient, sometimes with a physical examination, before diagnosis and the prescription of herbal medicine. A course of treatment begins with a one-hour first appointment, followed by half-hour follow-ups as needed.


People bring many issues to a Medical Herbalist, but the conditions that we commonly see are skin complaints, digestive disorders, hormone imbalances and emotional problems. Caroline has a particular interest in treating women with menopausal symptoms and helping people suffering from emotional problems including trauma.


Herbal Medicine is renowned as a safe therapy and Medical Herbalists can work alongside orthodox medical treatment as they understand medical practice and know about possible drug interactions. Herbal Medicine is particularly suitable for children and the elderly, being gentle and with few, if any, side effects.


Availability: Wednesday 9-1


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