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Essential Oils

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Enhance your wellbeing when working or winding down after a long day with our 100% pure essential oils. Whether used in a massage, reed or electronic diffuser, or even as a last minute addition to a bath, these certified organic essential oils can help to uplift, revive and relax you.
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What is an Essential Oil?

An essential oil is the natural fragrant essence extracted from flowers, leaves, bark, roots, fruit peel and berries.

When you peel a mandarin, smell jasmine blossom or squeeze a sprig of rosemary, it’s the essential oil you’re inhaling. These concentrated scents have qualities which, when extracted or distilled, can help physical ailments and promote emotional as well as spiritual wellbeing.

Choosing essential oils

Aromatherapy is easy to integrate into your everyday life. Just having a few essential oils at home means you can enhance your wellbeing and create the perfect aromatherapy moment. To keep things simple we’ve given all our aromatherapy essential oils a key action: to energise, relax, balance, uplift or cleanse. Decide how you’d like to feel, take a few breaths, smell the oil on a smell-strip or cotton bud, then trust your intuition and be playful with your choices.

How are essential oils produced?

Steam Distilled

One of the most common and popular ways of extracting essential oil is through steam distillation, which is especially suitable for woody, robust plants such as lavender. The plant material is placed in a still or container and pressurised steam is passed through it. The steam causes the plant matter to release its precious oils. These are carried away in the steam, which is then cooled, leaving a pure essential oil and distilled plant water – as oil and water don’t mix.


The essential oil of delicate flowers such as jasmine, which are too fragile to be steam distilled – the steam would destroy the flowers before they could release their oil – are solvent extracted. The solvents draw out the precious oils, the mixture

is then dissolved in pure alcohol to remove the solvent, before the alcohol is allowed to evaporate, leaving behind the essence of the flower, known as an absolute.


For soft fruits like lemon and grapefruit, the essential oils are expressed. This simply means the peel is pressed to release the juice and oil.