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Digestion, Allergies and Intolerances

6th November 2014

'The secrets of Healthy Digestion': The Cornerstone to Good Health

A 60 minute talk by Dalbinder Bains, a highly regarded and experienced nutiritional therapist and medical herbalist.

Good digestion, good absorbtion and finally good elimination improves energy levels. supports healthy skin and strengthens the immune systems.

This talk is for you if you:

Would like some support with your digestion using natural remedies, with helpful tips on how to improve your digestiosn.

Would like to understand the basics of good digestion and what is going on and what may be going wrong.

Would like the chance to ask questions about your health.

Would like to understand the difference between allergies and intolerances and whether you may have an allergy/intolerance.

Would like to know if a food intolerance test is right for you.

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