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A natural approach to treating and preventing physical injury

Physiotherapy aims to help people maximise their physical potential, treating and preventing injury and disease through natural means. Using hands-on therapy, physiotherapists work to restore normal movement and where that's not possible, to minimise physical dysfunction.

Your physiotherapist will make an individual assessment based on your medical case history and a physical study of your body. The treatment will then involve techniques including mobilisation, massage, manipulation and acupressure. Other aspects of treatment can include electrotherapy equipment, heat, ice, hydrotherapy and traction to relive pain and assist recovery. You'll also be given a specialised treatment plan to practice at home between sessions.


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You’re in expert hands

We want you to enjoy your therapy, reassured that you’re in expert hands.

We select the most talented and committed independent, self-employed therapists to work in our Therapy Rooms.

Every therapist is fully qualified by a recognised accredited course, affiliated with a professional governing association, and will have satisfied our own high standards.

We hope your therapist inspires you and, most importantly, helps you in your quest for health and wellbeing.