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Neuro Structural Integration Technique is a soft tissue bodywork technique which aims to reintegrate the body as a whole. Launched in 1996 it is an advanced form of the Bowen Technique. Neuro Structural Integration Technique involves a sequence of specialised moves which initiate your body's self healing mechanism in your spinal column. This leads to a reorganisation of the musculature of the body. By releasing tension in muscles and fascia it aims to relieve pain and dysfunction, increasing your energy levels.

Treatment can be done on the skin or through light clothing. Your practitioner will apply a sequence of moves to your body. The pressure will vary as they make cross-fibre manoeuvres of muscle, tendon, ligament and nerves. The treatment will include resting periods to allow your body to assimilate the changes being made. Just one treatment can bring great relief but for long term resolution two or three sessions are recommended.


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