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Harmonising the emotions to create a state of health and happiness.

There are two types of flower remedies: Bach Flower Remedies and Australian Bush Flower Remedies.

Bach Flower Remedies
In the 1930s Dr Edward Bach developed a system for identifying and treating different emotional states using 38 flower remedies. His system is based on the belief that the root of illness lies in a patient's attitude and emotional outlook. To regain health, it's necessary to resolve any negative states of mind. This is done through the emotional influence naturally exerted by particular flowers.

Australian Bush Flower Remedies
Based on Bach's system, these remedies were developed by homeopath and naturopath Ian White, using the vast array of unique flora on the Australian continent. They combine ancient aboriginal methods with extensive modern research.

In a relaxed and informal consultation your practitioner will give you the space to talk about your experiences. They will be able to assess your character and to work out the most suitable remedy, or combination of remedies, for your current situation. The remedies are taken internally, a few drops having been diluted in water, and this solution sipped throughout the day. The remedies are safe to use at all times and have no contraindications.


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