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"What is food to one man may be fierce poison to another" (Lucretius, circa 75 BC).
An allergy is an adverse reaction to a normally harmless substance. Whilst classical food allergies affect just 1.5% of the population and have immediate severe symptoms (swellings of the lips and throat, skin rashes, vomiting etc) there is evidence that many more people are becoming increasingly sensitive to foods and chemicals in every-day use. These sensitivities are known as intolerances. They may cause bloating, headaches, fatigue, mood swings, skin problems, asthma and be implicated with chronic illness.

We can test for allergy and intolerance to over a hundred foods and substances. We have two popular methods of testing, both of which are non-intrusive, painless and suitable for all ages:

  • Applied Kinesiology - You will usually be asked to hold a sample of the potential allergen on your belly button. One of your muscles, usually an arm, will then be tested to check for any weakness.
  • Vega Test - A connection will be made from an acupuncture point on your finger to the Vega machine. This is intended to read your body's electrical resistance to potential allergens.

The results for both tests are immediate. If any allergies or intolerances are discovered your tester will be able to give you applicable nutritional advice.



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