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The Alexander Technique focuses on reducing the excessive muscular effort that we continually use, and hold, in everything that we do. It does this through developing a sense of co-ordination and self-awareness about how we are designed to move. The therapy addresses (long-standing) postural habits, patterns of movement, breathing problems, muscular and emotional tensions to improve day-to-day life and to help banish aches and pains.

The Alexander Technique, developed by an Australian Actor FM Alexander, who discovered that we use too much effort in everything that we do, and developed a way to stop this by re-educating ourselves.

A subtle discipline, it involves gentle manipulation and instruction, and works on everyday activities such as walking, sitting at a desk and picking something up to help treat back problems, boost stamina, improve conditions such as respiratory problems and help those who experience panic attacks. It therefore also works on a deeper level to support emotional wellbeing, bringing about greater clarity, reduced stress and moving with greater ease, flexibility and grace.

Lessons are either one to one, or with some teachers, in groups. The Technique itself allows the individual to practice it whenever and wherever he/she wishes as there are no specific exercises or equipment required.

The Alexander Technique is suitable for anyone who would like more comfort, clarity, pleasure and freedom in their lives, and is considered a safe and effective treatment when used on children and during pregnancy.


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