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I've been practicing shiatsu since I graduated from European Shiatsu School in 2002 and still love bodywork. Both receiving and learning bodywork have helped me feel more relaxed, grounded and focused, and made me realise how closely mind and body are connected. Fascinated by traditional Chinese medicine theory, I went on to learn acupuncture and tuina (Chinese massage) at London College of Traditional Acupuncture. What I love about Chinese medicine, which acupuncture, shiatsu and tuina are all based on, is its holistic approach; it treats the person as a whole rather than disease, and the cause of disease rather than its symptoms. I also studied Thai massage, which views the human body as a network of energy pathways and pressure points just like acupuncture and shiatsu, although it is rooted in the Indian yoga tradition. To tailor my treatment to the client's needs, I often incorporate shiatsu/tuina into acupuncture and use additional techniques: moxibustion (to warm acupuncture points to stimulate circulation), gua sha (scraping technique for knotted areas) and cupping, but I always discuss my treatment plan with my client. I'm particularly interested in treating menstrual/fertility problems, menopausal symptoms and pregnancy induced conditions. Over the years I've also treated many musculo-skeletal problems and stress related conditions with shiatsu. For more information, please visit my website

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BSc acupuncture MBAcC (registered member of the British Acupuncture Council) Diploma shiatsu Diploma tuina ITEC nutrition Thai massage certificate