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As a Medical Herbalist, I blend traditional Western herbal wisdom with modern scientific evidence in order to achieve a truly holistic approach to healthcare.

It is believed the physical ailment is directly related to the mental and emotional circumstance of the person, whether past or present. To deal with the physical symptoms only is to provide temporary relief and does not reach the root cause of the problem. My prescriptions appreciate the individual nature of each person and their differing experiences in life. Even when medical diagnoses are the same, the emphasis is placed on correcting the imbalance that is absolutely unique to that person alone. The herbs work to encourage the body’s own healing response for the prevention or relief of conditions that you might take to your doctor, in addition to improving general wellbeing, vitality and emotional state for those of all ages.

I strongly commit to the use of whole plant extracts, whereby many of the side effects associated with isolated chemical extracts or synthetic drugs can be avoided. Also I can devise herbal treatments that can safely work alongside conventional medicine.

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