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Hailing from a Media background, Roz was always fascinated by Complementary Health & Beauty, but it wasn't until she had a treatment from a renowned Acupuncturist, that she feel suitably inspired to learn more about this ancient health practice. Having specialised in the subject of how Acupuncture can alleviate hormonal imbalance and Menopausal symptoms in her Dissertation, Roz is now able to share this invaluable knowledge. Combined with the experience that Roz gained at the famous Acupuncture Facialist, Virgina Doran's course, she can offer a transformative but holistic treatment with Facial Revitalisation.

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BSc (Hons) Traditional Chinese Acupuncture from Middlesex University (2010-13)

Facial Acupuncture course with Virgina Doran (2013)

Member of the British Acupuncture Council