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Arcobaleno Nutritional Therapy aims to put colour and vitality into your life making you feel great, look fabulous and live a healthy life.

Do you feel tired all the time? Do you have sore joints, acne or frequent colds or headaches? Trying to lose weight and getting nowhere with diets? Do you want to age well? Do you simply want to feel great?

I consider your health as a whole person, identifying any dietary and lifestyle imbalances and creating a personalised nutritional and lifestyle programme tailored to your specific needs, circumstances and goals.  Working together we will make changes, which are doable and lifelong.

I am a mother of two with a great deal of life experience. I am a great listener who is friendly and caring, professional and very approachable.  Often described as empathetic I relate easily to others and friends and family often seek my counsel. I am passionate about food and health.  I came to nutritional therapy through concerns about my own health and with the aid of a nutritional therapist I made changes to my diet and lifestyle and within weeks was amazed at how much better I felt.  Applying my own knowledge and experience I have been able to build on this further - I now have more energy, sleep better and my immunity has improved significantly. Through a combination of my skills, knowledge of nutrition and my interest in food I offer a unique and personalised life changing experience.

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I have a diploma in Nutritional Therapy through the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

I am a member of the following regulatory bodies: BANT and the CNHC