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Mick Duncan has been a qualified Shiatsu practitioner for 18 years. He brings a holistic therapy that can awaken your innate healing ability. Shiatsu addresses a wide range of physical and emotional issues, whether chronic or acute. He uses, agreed, “still”, sustained touch, pressure, movement and gentle stretches as a focus for your awareness.


Mick’s quest is to bring out the simplicity of what can seem to be - an obscure eastern therapy - and in this way enable a straightforward understanding of the approach. His conviction is that we are walking, self-healing miracles - given the conditions and will to be so. His life journey has brought him to the conclusion that there is more to us than meets the eye.


Mick is registered with the Shiatsu Society UK(MRSS). He has recently completed three years of post-graduate training, focusing on treatment of chronic illness and interactive Shiatsu. He is also a teacher of Inner Qigong which takes the principles of Shiatsu into movement.


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