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Mei graduated in Acupuncture (BSc) from LCTA, and Studied Chinese Herbal Medicine to a postgraduate level. She also trained in Tuina massage, Facial Acupuncture Revitalization as well as cupping therapy, additionally training in China. 
Her approach to treatment is holistic integrating body, mind and spirit. Understanding the correlation between pain and blocked emotions/ energies.

Medical history, lifestyle, diet, stresses are also taken into account, helping to  strengthen the "constitution" of the patient and reach a state of equilibrium in mind and body. She has experience of working with different muscular-skeletal conditions:back-pain, sciatica, hip-fractures, stroke, insomnia, stress/depression, gynecological issues, earache/ labyrinthitis, smoking-cessation, weight-loss and facial-revitalisation.

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Acupuncture in BSc, MBAcC - London College of Traditional Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (LCTA) PG Certificate in Chinese Herbal Patent Medicine (RCHM & EHPA) Facial Acupuncture Revitalization Diploma in Tuina - Chinese Massage (Asante Academy) Certificate in Advanced Course of Acupuncture of TCM (Guangzhou University Hospital, China)