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Lucia is a registered Shiatsu practitioner and a member of the Shiatsu Society UK.

She studied Zen Shiatsu, Meridian and Zone Therapy for 3 years and graduated at London College of Shiatsu in 2017.

She is passionate about natural and holistic approaches to health and wellbeing and practises yoga and meditation.

Zen Shiatsu is one of the disciplines that triggers the body’s own healing abilities by unblocking stuck energy, re-balancing the body and promoting deep relaxation.  It works on physical, emotional and mental levels and can be especially effective for stress-related conditions such as back ache, tension, stiff neck, headaches, sleeping problems, anxiety and palpitations.

Although it doesn’t replace traditional treatment for medically-diagnosed conditions, it can complement it by helping the body to cope, maybe eliminating the need for painkillers, helping to restore healthy sleep, enhancing the body’s innate ability to restore balance and can play a role in shifting one’s perspective to a healthier one.

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Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma, London College of Shiatsu, 2017