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Lin has been a practising midwife for more than 20 years. She applies Japanese acupuncture and Tung acupuncture in her regular treatments. She specialises in obstetrics dealing with issues in pregnancy. She also addresses gynaecological problems and liver conditions, digestive issues and infertility for men and women. Lin was involved in the multi bed NHS clinic in Kennington and has cared for patients with whiplash injuries, head injuries and sports injuries.

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Qualifications: RCM (midwife), Lic Ac (BScHons), Diploma in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (LCTA), Diploma in Chinese herbs, Diploma in Tui Na Massage, Diploma in Pregnancy Massage, Certificate in Cosmetic and Facial Acupuncture (dermarollers). Shang Han Lun Certificates, Jing Gui Yao Lue certificates, Japanese Acupuncture and Tung Acupuncture. Member of British Acupuncture Council.