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Consulting in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy



Treatments Offered: Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Brief Solution Focussed Therapy



How do You think change is possible?


P - Phobic triggers can happen to anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

H - Hypnotherapy helps by dissociating the connection.

O - Observing the self is part of the process.

B - Body language also plays a part.

 I - Inherent in you there are hidden resources.

A - Anxiety and panic attacks are real, not imaginary, reactions.

S - Symptoms can be very limiting for the person affected.


The ‘Fast Phobia Technique’ can help You find a way forward - it is a structured, holistic approach based on empathy, content, process and, where appropriate, humour.


Keith specialises in helping people overcome fears and phobias. There are over 150 known types of phobia; some of the more common ones are fear of spiders, heights and exam nerves. Less common are fear of snakes, travelling underground by any means and driving on a motorway.


Phobias are often due to the fear of a situation that occurred sometime in the past being linked to something that might happen in the future. The result is that the mind triggers a mechanism that makes the body overreact to that situation whenever it, or even the thought of it, recurs. A phobic trigger can affect a person’s ability to do things that most other people see as no problem. Phobic triggers, or very stressful situations, can be a precursor to anxiety or panic attacks. A full on attack can bring on various physical symptoms very, very quickly.


Sometimes a person suffering from a phobic condition displays symptoms just by talking or thinking about the situation. The mind and body link has learned a bad pattern match associated with that phobic trigger.


Fear of Flying has become a regular part of Keith’s work where he treats leisure travellers and business professionals. He also coaches confidence, motivation and peak performance skills

in sports and business; he was part of the coaching team for a British competitor in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. As well as phobias, people seek help to quit smoking and lose weight.


To find the solution and move towards the goal - first we need to engage with the problem.


Keith draws on knowledge from many backgrounds including over 25 years engineering projects in broadcast radio and television and related industries. He has many interests and has competed in the annual Henley Royal Regatta. He and his wife, Bernie, take part in competition target rifle shooting for a club in SW London where Keith is a qualified Club Coach. A supporter of RNLI, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Help for Heroes and Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey; Keith is also a Certified Mediator, specializing in Civil, Commercial and Workplace disputes.


A passion for the natural world and outdoors, Keith brings a unique energy to individuals that he sees - stretching people's imagination, utilizing their resources and so creating change.


When did You last take out time - stopping to stare at the sea and the sky?



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  • Qualifications

  • DHypPsych(UK); Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Brief Solution Focussed Therapy.


  • Karuna Reiki(R) Master Teacher.


  • Member of The Hypnotherapy Association; Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (General Hypnotherapy Register); member of The European Therapeutic Studies Institute.


  • London School of Mediation - Civil, Commercial and Workplace.


  • CMC (Civil Mediation Council) member.


  • SoM (Society of Mediators) member.


  • Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering with MOD experience.


  • Sound, Lighting, Communications and Acoustics in commercial environs.