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Hong Kong-born and Greek raised, Ka Hang Leoungk practices traditional acupuncture and cosmetic acupuncture.
While Ka Hang is known for her work in pain management, stress and cosmetic facial acupuncture, she also recommends acupuncture for a variety of symptoms. Used as a preventative measure, traditional acupuncture improves the general sense of wellbeing by strengthening the functions of the body and mind.
Ka Hang is the creator of a range of facial treatments, which use products from the Neal's Yard Remedies collection, offering clients a natural solution to age defence. Her treatments have been seen in Harper’s Bazaar UK, Your Kensington & Chelsea, Stylist and Shortlist.


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BSc (Hons) Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from Middlesex University in the UK (includes Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine)
Bachelor of Medicine from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine