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Come and experience one of my unique treatments tailored to your individual needs to reclaim your balance and feel revitalised. “It is heavenly…” as one of my regular clients stated.


My intention for your treatment is to create a safe holding space where your body and mind can ease, releasing everyday stress and chronic tension. My job as the therapist is to encourage your system to unfold towards well-being on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual, using a variety of techniques from deep tissue massage and gentle listening touch to mindfulness and presence.


Not only do I offer pure Massage and pure Craniosacral treatments, but I also offer a combination of these two therapies. The combined treatments are perfect for clients who are attracted by the physical manipulation of massage, but also want to release deeper, more subtle patterns of holding in the body and mind.


Whether you are after a one-off boost to reinvigorate yourself, or prolonged support during an overwhelming time, or enhancement to your well-being programme, I am happy to welcome you.


A sincere interest to support others restore their sense of wellbeing, led me to qualify in Swedish Massage in 2008. As I began to truly appreciate the profound effects of therapeutic touch, I extended my training to Ayurvedic Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Acupressure Seated Massage and, last but not least, Craniosacral Therapy in 2013.


Currently, I am studying an Integrative Baby Therapy, to deepen my understanding of the impact that early experiences can have on our physical and emotional levels later in life. I hope to bring these new skills to my work with adults, and start working with children and babies in the future.


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  • Qualifications

Swedish Massage - Certificate 2008 - Thames Valley University

Anatomy & Physiology - Certificate 2008 - Thames Valley University

Ayurvedic Therapies - Certificate 2011 - Ayurveda Retreat Spa

Pregnancy Massage - Diploma 2012 - Gateway Workshops

Craniosacral Therapy 2013 - Certificate 2013 - Institute of Craniosacral Studies

Chair/Seated Acupressure On Site Massage - Diploma 2013 - Gateway Workshops

The Birth Journey Course - Certification of Completion 2015 - Conscious Embodiment Trainings