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Fran is a Functional Food Specialist and Certified Health Coach. Using natural, whole foods as medicine, Fran has developed the Prϋv Protocol – a unique health coaching methodology that focuses on the individual needs of her clients, enabling them to unlock their unique nutrition blueprint and unwind all their symptoms including stubborn weight, IBS, bloating & gastric distress, chronic fatigue, poor skin, poor sleep, auto-immunity and depression. The Prϋv Protocol is an easy way to take back control of your relationship with food by working with (and not against!) your specific biology to overcome cravings, balance hormones and boost immunity. Where necessary, tests and lab work can be commissioned to understand exactly the dynamics at play including food sensitivities and antibodies, gut-health, hormones and digestive strength and Fran puts a great emphasis on ensuring that you fully understand the findings and are totally empowered to maximise results. The ultimate goal is for you to feel totally at ease within your own skin.

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