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Donna taught Secondary English then Special Needs at Primary level until a long-term interest and personal use of complementary therapies led her to retrain seventeen years ago.

She has been practicing in this area since then from various therapy centres, Parkside hospital and from her own treatment room.

She offers a Reflexology centred treatment targeting any current health issues and incorporating related self-help advice on exercise, nutrition, relaxation and other simple but effective ways to improve and sustain overall health and well-being. If required, she can also supplement this with massage to specific problem areas. She has found that this approach produces the best results.

She is experienced in treating babies and children, as well as adults, who tend to respond well in a couple of half hour sessions, especially with colic and constipation.

She has had particular success with general stress relief, headaches, digestive problems like IBS and abdominal/stomach pains and bloating, lack of energy, a depleted immune system with a tendency to pick up a lot of colds,/coughs/viruses and find them hard to shift and insomnia/poor sleep. She has also found treatments can address hormonal imbalances in men as well as women including fertility problems, irregular cycles and PMS. Back and joint pain and general unexplained aches and pains also respond well.

Her aim is to provide an all-round, holistic treatment, a relaxing and enjoyable experience and to help restore and maintain good health.

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Currently – Association of Reflexologists (AOR) Pathology course

2014 - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) certificate Mindfulness UK, York House, Taunton

2004 – Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) Advanced Endocrine with Lynne Booth Exeter

2001 – VRT with Lynne Booth Exeter

2000 – ITEC Diploma in Stress Management (Credit)

1998 – ITEC Diploma in Reflexology (Credit)

1997 – ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage (Credit) East Devon College BA Hons Degree and PGCE from Warwick University