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I qualified from Scottish School of Herbal Medicine in 2002, and have been practicing in Glasgow and West Lothian ever since. I firmly believe that herbal medicine can help everyone.


We are lucky in the UK to have access to so many great native herbs. With so many people on medication for life, it is an important part of my job checking that people can take herbs safely, and without interfering with any prescribed medicines. 


Many patients tell me they are surprised that a "simple herbal tea" makes such a difference to their life. It is a commitment, taking herbal preparations for some weeks, but I see a difference for a range of ailments from heartburn to joint pain, skin issues or sleep disturbances, to menopause and mood. 


Of course stress affects almost everyone and can be a root cause of many problems. Diet, exercise and relaxation are covered as part of a holistic treatment, aiming to treat the whole person.


Medical Herbalists do 3-4 years training and 500 clinical hours before they are qualified to practice; so you can be assured that you are seeing a highly qualified professional.

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Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (MNIMH)

Dip HM (Diploma in Herbal Medicine) from Scottish School of Herbal Medicine